Where To Eat: Pizzana

You know a restaurant is good when it thrives on carbs in one of the healthiest cities out there. Pizzana is just that: possibly one of the most delicious, unique, yet classic pizza restaurants located in the heart of Los Angeles. I guess that’s what happens when you throw together a power group of founders such as Pizzana’s Candace & Charles Nelson (of Sprinkles Cupcakes) alongside Caroline & (NCIS: Los Angeles star) Chris O’Donnell. Not to mention Chef Daniele Uditi who grew up learning to cook in Italy (talk about a dream life).

Pizzana is truly one of my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles. The pizza is by far the closest I’ve had since I spent a semester abroad in Italy & the flavors of all the other dishes are remarkable. Below I’ve rounded up the 5 dishes you absolutely, without a doubt, MUST order at Pizzana. Trust me you won’t regret it because Pizzana is the one place in LA that’s truly giving NYC a run for their money pizza.

Best Burrata in Los Angeles

Caprese Di Burrata: This burrata dish is so refreshing you’ll forget you’re eating carbs & cheese. And the pesto? Man oh man I wish they would bottle this stuff up so I could put it on everything.

Pizzana Los Angeles

Cavoletto Di Bruxelles: I know what you’re thinking, “why get a salad though?”. I’m telling you guys, this is easily one of the best items on the entire menu. The giant bowl is loaded with shaved brussels sprout, lolla rossa, apple, tasted pistachio, & topped with a caramelized shallot vinaigrette

Truffle Pizza Pizzana Los Angeles

Tartufo Pizza: Do I really need to say more about this pizza than the fact that it’s covered in norica black truffle, fior di latte, fontina, & pine nut MP? Didn’t think so.

Best Pizza In Los Angeles

Pepperoni Pizza: This is not yoru standard pepperoni pizza. For starters, it’s basically an upgraded version of a classic Margherita pizza topped with thick yet small in diameter pepperonis. Topped with an marzano dop, fior di latte, & pepperoni, this, to me, is how a pepperoni pizza should be done.

Cacio e Pepe Pizza Los Angeles

Cacio e Pepe Pizza: You guys know I go nuts for a good food hybrid but when combining two high carb dishes, it can be hard to not create a dish that doesn’t make you feel, well, sick. Chef Uditi has absolutely mastered the art of pizza & this Cacio e Pepe hybrid one is no different. The flavors perfectly emulate that of an incredible Cacio e Pepe pasta dish with the crunch & wetness of their infamous Neapolitan pizza crust. This one is seriously a game changer.

Make sure to visit Pizzana at 11712 San Vicente Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90049!

*Food C/O Pizzana.