DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Box

DIY Valentine's Day Candy Cards

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love & we all know my love for candy runs deep. As you could probably also tell from my holiday content, I absolutely love gift giving as well. Almost more than receiving gifts. Almost! This year I’m giving everyone on my list these fun, homemade DIY candy boxes that are loaded with the most adorable Sugarfina candy cubes & chocolate bars, party horns, & fresh roses. They’re the ultimate gift for everyone on your list: friends, family, & significant others. I’ve even sent these adorable gifts out to business colleagues to show them how much I love working with them!

Thankfully putting these gifts together is as simple as 1, 2, 3… 4, 5! Sugarfina sells these adorable Bento Boxes that double as gift boxes which definitely add a chic element to these gifts. It’s also where I picked up all the candy which made shopping for this project super easy. If you’re in their store or on their site, they also have a party shop section which has fun extras to throw in the box such as Wish Paper & Confetti Poppers. I then picked up the fresh roses from my local farmers market & some crinkle paper to stuff the box with. To give the boxes a more personalized touch, I added DIY bow & arrow notecards to each candy cube. These doubled as my card for each gift & was a fun way to really get creative. What’s great about this DIY is it’s easy for all ages to create & perfect for all ages to receive. Below are step-by-step, detailed instructions on how to create these yourself. Happy Valentine’s Day friends! xo

Sugarfina Gift Idea


card-stock paper | scissors | superglue | pen | Sugarfina cubes (some for working on & some for snacking 😜)

DIY Bow Arrow Gift


On your card-stock paper, trace (or freehand if you’re a magical drawing wizard!!) an arrow that is 4 inches long & at least 1/4 inch wide on the base (the head & tail can be roughly 1/2-1 inch wider).


Carefully cut out your arrow & fold it in half length-wise. Cut at the halfway mark & fold back 1 cm on the edges you just cut.


Write a “To:” “From:” or little note on the arrow.

Sugarfina Card DIY


Place superglue on the folded edges & carefully place them on opposite sides of your Sugarfina cube so it appears the arrow is going directly through the cube. Let dry at least 5 minutes (10 to be safe).


Give out to whoever you’d like as is or pair it with other fun Sugarfina goodies in one of their cute gift boxes!

DIY Valentine's Day Gift


*Thank you Sugarfina for sponsoring this post!

**Images by Hallie Duesenberg.