The 5 Best Cookies In Los Angeles

The Best Cookies In Los Angeles

Narrowing down the 5 best cookies in all of Los Angeles is a really tough job but hey, someone’s got to do it! You’re welcome for being that person & sparing you all the only decent cookies you might have eaten in search of the very best…

1. Milk Jar Cookies: Aside from this being possibly the cutest bakery in all of LA, they also serve some of the most innovative yet incredible cookies out there. I highly recommend grabbing a few of their classics (chocolate chip, chocolate peanut butter, & birthday cake) along with a few of their more unique flavors (banana split, English toffee, & rocky road).

2. Mae Mae’s Cookies: While they might not have a storefront in LA, the plus side is they do ship nationwide! Enjoy classic sea salt chocolate chip cookies that taste homemade (because they are…) delivered to your doorstep in a pretty pink box complete with a bow & all.

3. Beaming: Before you freak at the thought of a healthy cookie (welcome to LA…) hear me out. This might be the most deliciously gooey chocolate chip cookie in the whole wide world. It’s buttery (that surely isn’t made from butter), caramel like texture makes this flavor truly one-of-a-kind & one that you would never believe is actually vegan.

4. Croft Alley: This sweet little lunch spot also happens to serve up one of the most incredible chocolate sea salt cookies you’ll ever encounter in your life. While it may be small it size, it’s loaded with flavor &, in my opinion, totally acceptable to order 3 or 4 per person…

5. Best Cookie Ever: Another better-for-you cookie option, this name truly says it all. You’ll never believe this cookie is vegan, gluten-free, & refined sugar-free. Thankfully for those of you not in the LA area, they also ship nationwide. Woo!

The 5 Best Cookies In Los Angeles


the 5 best cookies in los angeles