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Summer Rose Water Fruit Salad

Healthy living is learned. If we saw our parents getting dinner from a drive- thru window when we were kids, we wouldn’t think twice about doing the same when we became adults ourselves. But if we grew up cooking our own meals, taking the time to understand what we were putting into the food we ate, and consciously caring for our bodies, we might better understand how the things we do either help or hurt our bodies. For Jenna Hipp, celebrity nail artist whose clients include Jennifer Lawrence & Kate Upton, “health” & “toxicity” were just words that didn’t mean much to her, but then, suddenly, that all changed.

While painting nails one day, Jenna noticed a drop of red liquid on her client’s hand. Thinking at first it must have been a drop of nail polish, Jenna quickly realized that she was having a nosebleed. Concerned by the fact that she had never suffered from nosebleeds before, Jenna searched for an answer and soon found that nosebleeds were common to manicurists, but not of no concern. Being constantly surrounded by nail polish, remover, & other products made with harsh chemicals, manicurists are exposed daily to toxic fumes which can cause some serious health issues over time. Alarmed by this information, Jenna reconsidered how her career & the products she used were affecting her. However, rather than avoiding the line of work she loves, Jenna set out to fix it. Over several years, Jenna has developed and launched her own nail polish line that is free of five of the most harmful chemicals typically found in nail polish.

In The Kitchen With Jenna Hipp

Once she became aware of the health risks she was exposed to through work, Jenna then took a look at how the food she ate everyday was affecting her. She started to see that food was more than just food—it was fuel that could either help her with other aspects of her life or slow her down. Having grown up in Hawaii, she’s always been a big fruit- eater, so when her business partner for Nailing Hollywood, Vanessa, showed Jenna this recipe, she was hooked. By the time the two partners met, both had an appreciation for good food & food that was good for you. They bonded over this recipe, which Vanessa created due to her love of florals which she says, “Taste like a luxury.” She goes on to say, “If you ever have people over or need something to bring to someone’s house, this is one of those things that takes very little effort, very little time, you can always improvise with what’s in season, & tastes like you really worked hard to make,” Jenna adds, “And you always come home with an empty bowl.”

Jenna & Vanessa are nearly inseparable, spending their days together at the office, on set, or at one another’s homes. “We both cook a lot,” Jenna notes, “she [Vanessa] comes over here & cooks for my family, too.” Their unique background —Jenna with her nail polish line & celebrity clientele, and Venessa with her entrepreneurial mindset—make them an ideal business team. And whether in the kitchen, the office, or in their personal lives, Jenna & Vanessa show that healthy living is vital and that it is never too late to learn.

The Best Fruit Salad Recipe

Honey Rose Water Fruit Salad
Prep time
Total time
Recipe type: Breakfast
  • 3 cups chopped fruit (any kind you'd like! berries, stone fruit, pomegranate seeds, etc.)
  • 3 mint leaves, chopped
  • 1 lemon, juiced
  • 3 tbsp honey
  • 1 tbsp rose water
  • *these measurements are approximate as Jenna & Vanessa do this recipe to taste.
  1. In a mixing bowl, combine mint, lemon, honey, & rose water. Whisk to combine. Pour mixture over fruit. Serve & enjoy!
mixing bowl
serving bowl

Jenna Hipp Interview


Nailing Hollywood Interview

Go-To Meals:

Meat sauce over spiraled veggies, grilled salmon with veggies, & homemade pasta — Vanessa

Fish with rice, veggies, fruit — Jenna

Favorite Restaurants:

The Front Yard in Studio City, California — “We’ve really been enjoying going there for business meetings & luncheons,” notes Jenna. Vanessa adds, “It has a diverse menu & is outside which is great!”

What Do you Look For In A New Hire:

“I’m constantly on the lookout for talent. I can see talent in people before they see it in themselves,” notes Jenna adding she always looks at how one presents themselves, what they say, how they act, & more about their character that they might not even realize in themselves. “Most of the nail artists we’ve brought on for Nailing Hollywood, nails probably weren’t even a thought,” she adds noting that she’d rather have a hire who is eager to learn than one who feels they already know everything.

Piece of Advice?

“Our business was a catalyst to the lifestyle we wanted. We’re not living to work, we’re working to live,” says Jenna in regards to the lifestyle she & Vanessa always knew they wanted.

Favorite Grocery Store:

“We’re really big on Sprouts — they have everything you need & good prices.” – Jenna

Beauty Essentials?

“I like to take a lot of stuff from the kitchen & use those,” notes Vanessa in regards to products such as rose water & baking soda.


Honey Rose Water Fruit Salad Recipe

*Images via Shannan Leigh for Public Lives, Secret Recipes.

**Editing by Rob Lee.