Your Favorite Influencers Share Their Pantry Essentials

Whether we spend the day in an office, juggling carpool from school to soccer, or building our empire, most of us lead crazy busy on-the-go lifestyles. While it’s wildly impressive & hopefully exciting, it can put a major damper on what we eat. For some, that results in the cheap & notably “quick” option of getting fast food, while others spend all day Sunday meal prepping for the week. I chatted with 5 of the top fashion & lifestyle influencers who shared their must-have pantry ingredients to prepare them for whatever their busy schedules & the kitchen throws at ’em!
lauryn evarts of The Skinny confidential

Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential has found a way to indulge with much better-for-you alternatives including cauliflower pizza crust for healthier pizzas & GG crackers which she always has on hand to make pizzas, pancakes, French toast, & so much more. To spice all those up, Lauryn keeps red pepper flakes or jalapeño in her pantry at all times. Lauryn is also never without Calm Tea aka what she calls “nature’s Xanax”, “lemons, so many lemons!”, & berry collagen powder to help detox & feel great.

blank itinerary kitchen

Being a new mom & entrepreneur, Paola Alberdi of Blank Itinerary, relies on nuts (almonds & cashews are her favorites) for a healthy snack when she’s on-the-go. Another favorite snack alternative is granola which Paola & her husband are both huge fans. “It’s a yummy, easy snack. We love trying out new kinds though we always make sure it’s gluten-free,” Paola notes. As for essentials she always has on hand to cook & bake with, Paola’s staples are Himalayan Salt which she notes is healthier & tastier than regular table salt, apple cider vinegar, & coconut oil. The latter Paola uses throughout the day to “cook, bake, & [put] in smoothies — there are countless ways to use it!”

nicole cogan nobread interviewEveryone’s go-to Gluten-Free foodie, Nicole Cogan of NoBread, has found a way to make sure her pantry is always stocked with the best GF treats ever. From almonds to pecans, nuts are always a staple in Nicole’s home for snacking & baking. Staying in the family, Nicole also always has almond butter & coconut butter on hand for topping treats & eating by the spoonful for a protein boost. Another must have in Nicole’s house are coconut wraps that come in a variety of flavors & are the perfect GF alternative.

olivia rink kitchen

Queen of snacks, lifestyle blogger Olivia Rink is a huge fan of all things sweet & salty. As better-for-you snacking options, Olivia relies on SkinnyPopApple Cinnamon Cheerios for a quick & easy treat. When she has a little more time on her hands, she loves to bake oatballs, oatmeal, & overnight oats which is why she’s never without oats in the house. When looking to indulge a bit more, Olivia’s favorite pantry essentials are Spicy Chili Doritos & Nutella.



Pantry Essentials

*NoBread photo via Annie Shak for Public Lives, Secret Recipes.

**Other images via respective influencers.