The Best Healthy Travel Snacks According To Experts


Nastasia Yakoub, Founder of Dame Traveler: “I try my best to make healthy choices when I’m on the road, so I always find myself reaching for options like Skinny Pop popcorn and Justin’s Almond Butter with an apple. As much as I love treating myself to fabulous, authentic meals, it’s nice to have some kind of healthier, balanced snacks while out and about.”

Caitlin Bea of The Caitlin Bea: “Sugar snap peas! They’re so easy to throw the whole bag in my backpack or in my bento box if I’m on a long flight! They’re so hydrating and also go great with a little hummus!”

Stephanie Hill of The Style Bungalow: “I love granola bars! ThinkThin bars are my favorite.”

Jillian Attaway of Rhyme & Reason: “I love to pre-pack snacks for travel days because there is nothing worse than not being able to find a healthy option at the airport or being struck with hunger pains mid-flight. I have three go-to snacks that I make and pack ahead of time and then bring in my carryon bag on the flight. They all satisfy different tastebuds so sometimes I pack two options! 1) Hard boiled eggs: it’s a breeze to boil a few eggs the night before a travel day and throw them in a reusable ziplock bag or container. 2) Apples, celery, and almond butter: I like to slice apples (the morning of for freshness!) and cut celery sticks in thirds to bring with a few packets of Artisana Organics or Justin’s almond butter. 3) Homemade trail mix: it’s so fun to prep and bring homemade trail mix because you can make it different every time! To keep it healthy, I have a list of options I mix and match including pistachios, almonds, raw cacao nibs, wasabi peas, popcorn, dried cranberries, dried pitted dates, dried goji berries, coconut flakes, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, cinnamon, and pink himalayan salt.”

Molly Hogan of Trendy Chickadee: “Dang coconut crisps! I love the caramel sea salt flavor.”