The Best Gifts For Home Chefs

the best gifts for a home chef

Let’s be honest, yes, this is a holiday gift guide for those who love to bake, cook, or just spend time in kitchen. However, it’s also more of a personal gift guide for anyone looking to get me a gift… The cream Smeg toaster & blue striped linen dish towels have been a dream of mine for a while now so obviously they made the list. The one item I already own on this list is that pizza board that doubles as a cutting board. We actually hung it on the side of an exposed cabinet in our kitchen & it instantly added so much value to our space! Y’all know my love for Le Creuset so it comes as no surprise that their gorgeous white dutch oven made the cut. I think anyone who has any interest in the food world would absolutely adore this generous gift!

A few other pieces I am lusting over are the bread container which is just too cute, the mini gold teaspoons which are the perfect stocking stuffer, as well as that incredible tray to keep a lot of these items on. If you’re looking for a thoughtful yet less expensive piece, for say a gift exchange, this is one of our favorite cookbooks at PLSR! A few other great cookbook options are this one & this one. The serving utensils, salts, truffle infused honey (with honeycomb in it — YUM), & cups are all great gift options that anyone will appreciate!