DIY Flower Wreath Tutorial

DIY Flower Wreath Tutorial

‘Tis the season to be festive & these wreaths are such a fun & easy way to get in the holiday spirit. Taking no more than 15 minutes to complete, they’re a great activity to do with the whole fam or with a group of friends! Living in LA we have the privilege of having one of the greatest flower districts of all time located downtown which is where we got all our flowers, pine, eucalyptus, etc. If you can’t find any near you, we’ve linked some below for you to easily shop online (for great prices too!). Below are step by step instructions on creating your own wreath — have fun!

Holiday Wreath Tutorial


DIY Peony Wreath Tutorial


Wrap pine, eucalyptus, or whatever you choose as the main focus for the wreath around the cardboard wreath base by using green wire to secure. Apply as much as needed to hold arrangement in place (we would wrap the wire around the same spot about 4x minimum to guarantee a great hold).


Apply pinecones, flowers, or additional decorative pieces using wire as well. Make sure to secure these in place the same way you did the base.


Tie ribbon to the top of your wreath & hang command strip in the desired location. Hang wreath & enjoy!

Holiday Decor Tutorial


DIY Holiday Wreath Tutorial

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