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Walking out of an interview for us, & hopefully after you read them, often feels like a lesson in life, business, wellness, & a number of other topics. They’re informative beyond just what that person excels in. They teach us how they got to the point they’re at, both career-wise & personally. They teach us how they plan to move forward, again both career-wise & personally. They teach us everything in between the two. That’s why we decided to round up our top 10 favorite quotes, you guessed it both career-oriented & personal, from all of our interviews. This really should become a regular series on the site because there are just SO many to choose from. Until then, enjoy our first installation of quotes from our interviewees that will hopefully kick your 2019 off to the best possible start.

Kelly LeVeque Interview Quote

Kelly LeVeque, Be Well By Kelly, Celebrity Nutritionist & Author

Flynn Skye Interview Quote

Amber Farr, Flynn Skye, Designer

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Interview Quote

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy, Influencer & Entrepreneur

Susan Feldman Interview Quote

Susan Feldman, One Kings Lane & In The Groove, Entrepreneur

Rachel Pally Interview Quote

Rachel Pally, Designer

Valorie Darling Interview Quote

Valorie Darling, Photographer

Damsel in Dior Interview Quote

Jacey Duprie, Damsel in Dior, Influencer

Sugarfina Interview Quote

Rosie O’Neill, Sugarfina, Entrepreneur

Stone Cold Fox Interview Quote

Dallas Wand & Cydney Morris, Stone Cold Fox, Designers

The Skinny Confidential Interview Quote

Lauryn Evarts Bosstick, The Skinny Confidential, Influencer & Entrepreneur