The Best Better For You Treats

The Best Better For You Desserts

Sweet Laurel: Laurel & Claire, the masterminds behind Sweet Laurel have found a way to not only have people enjoy gluten-diary-refined sugar free desserts, but crave them. They’ve created an all-paleo line of delicious cakes, brownies, cookies, muffins, chocolates – any sweet treat you can think of. They’ve also manage to make these treats extremely “Instagrammable“, something we’ve found to be very important in this social media world we live in! Ships internationally: HERE.

Meet The Source: When you hear the word “raw” you think vegetables, maybe fruit — nothing you’re likely craving when that sweet tooth hits. Enter: Meet The Source. Their raw, plant-based desserts are unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. With no refined sugar or preservatives their desserts are a much better-for-you alternative that you won’t feel guilty about devouring. Did we mention they’re also beyond stunning? Their mini cookie dough cake topped with vegan candy & flowers is our absolute favorite. Order online: HERE.

Coco Bakes: Turning sourdough bread into a gluten-free & dairy-free loaf usually results in just that, an alternative. Coco Bakes manages to make you feel like you’re eating the real deal, honestly a little better. The vegan freshly baked loaves contain only 5 ingredients all of which are gluten-soy-dairy-rice free. They have the most perfect crispy outside & soft, dare we say, moist on the inside. We suggest topping it with some avocado & pink sea salt for the most delicious breakfast or peanut butter & bananas for the most decadent dessert. Order online: HERE.

Yvonne’s Vegan Kitchen: YVK has tackled far beyond better-for-you desserts. They offer vegan cheeses, superfood crackers, stunning fruit platters — basically everything you want to eat in life but in a healthier alternative. Of course, they’ve full covered the healthier dessert category too with options such as vegan PB chocolate cake, thin mints, donuts — the list goes on & on. We’re slightly addicted to their vegan goatless black truffle cheese & chocolate chai cookies! Order online: HERE.

Livvy’s Bakery: Crediting coconut milk as their “secret ingredient”, you would never be able to guess these ooey-gooey, perfectly chocolatey cookies from Livvy’s are 100% vegan. With roughly 9 vegan ingredients in each cookie, they also have gluten-free options available making them the perfect allergy-friendly & better-for-you treat. Ships internationally: HERE.



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  1. Debra says

    I saw a pic of what looked like a chocolate chip cookie baked in a pink iron skillet. Will someone please send me the recipe ⁉️⁉️It looks like a great way to have fresh cookies while camping.

  2. Debra Ulrich says

    Uh oh!!! What size skillet do you use!? I can’t even begin to guess from the photo😲

    • Caitlin says

      We used a 10 1/4in skillet from Le Creuset – it’s the “standard” size 🙂 Thanks so much!