The 5 Best Healthy Food Delivery Services

There are millions of meal delivery services out there & while we haven’t tried all of them, we have tried quite a few. From those, we complied a list of the top 5 that are totally worth getting. The below are completely delicious, leave you feeling satisfied instead of hungry, have clean ingredients, are super nutritious & can arrive straight to your door!

Sakara Harissa Falafel with Cashew Tzaziki & Ruby Hummus

Sakara: We’re obsessed with this clean eating, delicious meal service that gets delivered straight to your door. Fitness expert, Amanda Kloots, seems to feel the same way, “I eat Sakara on a daily basis…I do notice that when I eat like that [gluten-free, vegan], I just feel better,” she notes. If you’re looking to make the switch to plant-based without a noticeable difference (i.e. coconut “bacon”) in your foods, Sakara is the way to go. Plus they’re known to throw a few extra goodies such as tea or chocolate into your weekly meals!


Fresh N’ Lean: We thoroughly enjoyed every single meal within our week of Fresh N’ Lean. Some of our favorites included Curry Rice Sweet Potato, Chocolate Banana Loaf (duh), & the oatmeal. The meals are filling, totally delicious & so flavorful you honestly couldn’t tell they were healthy. While you have the option to choose between plant-based or protein filled, all meals are GF, DF, organic & non-GMO.

Owl Venice: If you’re looking for more of a true cleanse to kickstart a healthy lifestyle change, Owl is for you. Their smoothies & bone broths are surprisingly satisfying while helping the body rid itself of toxins & reset the gut. Our personal favorites are their Magic Matcha Mylkshake (made with alkaline water & hemp milk instead of animal milk, of course) & Vegan Mineral Broth Elixir in herbs, shrooms, & seaweed. Also, can we take a minute to talk about their branding? Honestly the jars are so freakin’ pretty you’ll want to just stock your fridge for aesthetic purposes…

Methodology: Their food-as-medicine motto is how we knew we’d love everything they had to offer. Methodology understands that every body is different & needs different nourishment which is why their plans are completely customizable based on calorie-intake, ingredients, etc. They also somehow manage to make broccolini taste like candy so you can see why this service is well worth the money.

Gracefully Fed:¬†We’re so happy to be able to include Gracefully Fed on the list as it was our favorite local delivery service that recently started offering nationwide shipping. YAY! We like to have one soup & two other meals/day when it comes to this company. Though we’ve done 3 soups/day & looooved it as well. Their Thai coconut soup is a must order as are their fudgy brownies & caesar salad. The company is founded by Traci who has Lyme disease & was heartbroken to learn she had to cut out gluten, dairy – all the good stuff, from her diet upon diagnosis. Knowing that you can understand why Traci has gone to the lengths she has to make healthy food taste incredible.