Bloating Remedies Nutrition Experts Swear By

Is it just us or is being bloated the most common cause of frustration these days? Eat a salad? Bloated. Eat a burger? Bloated. Run 5 miles? Bloated. It seems no matter what we do or eat, we’re constantly bloated. We called in 5 health & nutrition experts who share their favorite remedies to reduce bloat & their tips are GENIUS.

Healthy With Nedi, Certified Health Coach:

“Asparagus is not only a superfood, but it’s also a natural diuretic & will help to flush out any excess water retention from your system. This green veggie is packed with prebiotic fiber – which adds good bacteria to the gut & helps to keep the digestive tract running smoothly. I love adding asparagus to my Cauliflower “Couscous” Salad for an extra fiber crunch! I can also recommend sipping on dandelion tea as it reduces bloating & cleanses the liver.

Lymphatic drainage is a fantastic massage that helps with water retention & bloating. It eliminates excess liquids and toxins from the body. It makes the entire body look more toned & lean. I see immediate results after a 60 minute treatment.”

Lauren Roxburgh, Degree in Nutrition & Physiology, “The Body Whisperer”, Best-Selling Author:

“Efficient digestion is the key to radiant health, glowing skin & a flat tummy! Bloating, constipation, IBS & pain are all signs of a sluggish or stressed digestive track. Enhancing digestion leads to regular elimination, the bodies’ way to flush toxins & stay vibrant. When digestion is slow & imbalanced, disease thrives…Rolling your body on a squishy ball is an amazing tool to help improve your digestive function by helping the body move food through the intestines & improve nutrient absorption & promote circulation to the belly area & even reduce inflammation. Plus, by decreasing stress & dropping into the calming state of the sympathetic nervous system helps regulate & enhance digestion.

Of course the food we eat also too plays a big role in how efficient our digestion & this sequence of self massage will help you release stress, build resilience in your pelvic floor, flush the abdominal organs, improve posture and create space between your hips and ribs.”

Lo also recommends incorporating Magnesium Powder, Digestive Enzymes, Ginger Tea, Fennel Tea (or chewing on fennel seeds), & drinking probiotics to reduce bloat & live your healthiest life.

The Well Necessities, Registered Dietitian:

“Bloating can be a result of a restrictive diet. When we only allow certain foods, whether they be paleo or vegan, we often give them a ‘healthy halo.’ What I mean by that is we deem them “safe” & “good”, & ignore our bodies feedback systems to communicate & tell us when we’ve had enough, or even if we’re actually enjoying it. This leads to overeating & uncomfortable fullness which can look like bloating for many. A quick & easy way to eat more mindfully would be to eat with intention going into the meal. Ask yourself questions about what your body wants & give it just that – it may mean a bite of real milk chocolate rather than downing 3/4 quarter of your dark chocolate no sugar added keto bar. I have found that with many of my clients, complaints of bloating go down severely when we let go of a restrictive mindset.”

Melisse Gelula, Co-Founder, Editorial Director of Well + Good:

“Cut down on sugar & processed foods. As expert Robin Berzin, MD, says, eating too many processed foods or too much sugar can cause an imbalance in bacteria in your gut, causing the bad to crowd out the good. Getting your gut health in check will increase your overall digestion, & minimize bloating & inflammation. Here are a few of my favorite recipes from the Well+Good Cookbook that will help: Robyn Youkilis’ Go-With-Your-Gut Banh Mi, Jillian Wright’s 10-Ingredient Reset Salad, Lily Diamond’s Orange Zinger Juice, & Courtney Swan’s brilliant Pick-Your-Favorite Kombucha Gummies.”

Sarah Larson Levey, Founder Y7:

“I always notice the most bloat post-flight. And since I travel a lot this is a frequent occurrence. One thing I love that I’ve started doing recently is stop eating on flights, our nervous system is already put under pressure in that environment so just imagine what your digestive system is going through when eating that amazing Delta cheese plate. Sticking to just drinking water & fasting has done wonders for how I feel coming off the plane. I also use Love Wellness Bye Bye Bloat if I am ever feeling bloated otherwise.”


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