How To Start Your Morning According To 5 Wellness Experts

They say how you start your day dictates how the rest of your day will unfold. That’s why we tapped 5 wellness experts to share what their morning routines entail so we can guarantee we’re starting our day off on the best note. From what to eat & drink to whether or not you should use an alarm & what supplements to take, Tayla Burke founder of The Conscious Carb & Camp ConsciousCaroline Deisler certified nutritionist & founder of Caroswim, Sophia Culpo lifestyle & wellness influencer, Holly Owens model & wellness influencer, & Sam Ozkural YouTuber & founder of Sam Ozkural Jewelry answer it all below.

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1. What supplements or vitamins do you take in the morning?

Tayla Burke: “I am not the kind of person who takes a million different supplements. Simplicity is key for me to remain consistent. My daily supplements include probiotics, digestive enzymes, and NAD. I’ll add in a couple additional supplements or vitamins if my body is feeling off.”

Caroline Deisler: “I take the Kiki Health super green powder & probiotics.”

Sophia Culpo: “I try to get my vitamins and minerals through natural food sources, but I do use certain supplements with organic ingredients. I have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) so a lot of my morning routine is surrounding gut health and trying to prevent IBS flares. Hush & Hush ‘Plant Your Day’ protein powder has probiotics, daily greens, and a superfood blend to supplement my vitamin intake. I’ll add this to a smoothie with a scoop of L-glutamine for gut health, and will take a daily dose of Culturelle Probiotics to promote healthy bacteria in the gut for better digestion. I also take CBD from The Rooted Company which reduces inflammation and the body’s response to stress hormones.”

Holly Owens: “Probiotic and Vitamin C.”

Sam Ozkural: “I take supplements throughout the day! Vitamins all at once can upset my stomach.  Right now since I am pregnant I am taking prenatals! I also take iron, probiotics and fish oil.”


2. What is the first thing you eat in the morning? Around what time?

Tayla Burke: “I always have to have a little something to eat within the first hour I wake up around 7am, especially before a workout. This usually consists of half an apple with almond butter, an approved protein bar (this, this or this), or a handful of nuts. Post workout my go-to breakfast is a smoothie – my current favorite is almond milk, frozen banana, frozen blueberries, kale, spinach, plant-based protein powder, and cinnamon.”

Caroline Deisler: “My first meal is always something fresh and hydrating like juicy fruits (melons, mangoes, oranges) or Medjool Dates, green smoothies and one of my delicious breakfast bowl recipes from my ebook, Healthy Vegan.”

Sophia Culpo: “Fresh fruit is my go to in the morning. I love strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries. I’ll usually have these with my coffee before breakfast, which is usually an omelet and add veggies and avocado. Sometimes I switch it up and make oatmeal with chia seeds and a nut butter— my favorites are Justin’s coconut almond butter, Teddy’s peanut butter and Kween collagen granola butter.”

Holly Owens: “I like to workout on an empty stomach, so when I get home I make a plant based protein smoothie using SproutLiving protein, banana, blueberries, hemp and flaxseeds, almond butter and almond milk. Normally have this around 9am.”

Sam Ozkural: “My hydration smoothie – spinach, cucumbers (with the skin), pineapple and spirulina.  I blend that with coconut water. I have this around 7:00 am.”


3.What time do you wake up?

Tayla Burke: “I am definitely a morning person – I feel my best waking up between 5:30am-6:30am. I like to give myself an hour to ease into my morning over a cup of black coffee while responding to emails before I head to my workout class and take on the rest of my day. My biggest advice to anyone trying to be more of a morning person is to give yourself an extra 30 mins-1 hr in the morning to relax and slowly prepare for your day instead of allowing yourself to fall into that stressful morning rush that will always start your day on the wrong foot.”

Caroline Deisler: “I usually wake up at 6:00am, go to the gym at 6:45, go to a spinning class, stretch & add my own exercises, steam room, cold shower, coconut oil on my body & I‘m ready for the day by 9:00.”

Sophia Culpo: “My New Years resolution is to wake up earlier!! I try to get up before 9am every day, but it’s so important to listen to your body. If you need sleep, sleep!”

Holly Owens: “Most days during the week 6:45 or 7am.”

Sam Ozkural: “6 am, 6:30 and 7 am. It depends on the week but during pregnancy I have been sleeping a little later than usual. I feel my body needs the extra rest!”

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4.What is the first thing you drink in the morning? Around what time?

Tayla Burke: “WATER!! This is something I have recently incorporated into my morning routine and every day I do it there is a noticeable difference. The moment I wake up I try to drink 16 oz of water to flush out toxins, kick start my metabolism, and start my day hydrated.”

Caroline Deisler: “I have a green juice (celery, spinach, cucumber, lemon, ginger, kale) around 10am. I mostly drink water & green juices in the morning and have my first meal at around 11:00/11:30.”

Sophia Culpo: “Coffee! We actually just bought a Keurig coffee machine and I love to use it. I’ll have an unsweetened almond milk cappuccino every morning with Vital Proteins vanilla collagen powder. Collagen is great for rebuilding and repairing the gut, so I love to add it where I can. The time varies depending on my schedule.”

Holly Owens: “Water upon waking.”

Sam Ozkural: “Room temperature water with a lemon from my lemon tree (haha I love saying that since it took me forever to grow) in a mason jar with a glass straw.  I like my drinks specific hah! I do this pretty much immediately after waking up.”


5. How do you wake up?

Tayla Burke: “Believe it or not, I purposely didn’t put up blinds when I moved into my NYC apartment. Natural light helps me wake up naturally and I have found I am less tired or groggy upon rising. I also set a soft and subtle alarm clock to wake up softly – there is nothing worse than an aggressive alarm clock shocking you out of your sleep.”

Caroline Deisler: “NEVER alarm haha 🙂 Haven’t put an alarm in years (only if I have an early flight). Sleep is more important than working out 100%. If your body needs rest, you need to rest. Otherwise your cortisol levels will be up, your body is stressed and your workout is counterproductive.”

Sophia Culpo: “Usually an alarm, so I don’t oversleep and miss the day.”

Holly Owens: “Alarm.”

Sam Ozkural: “I do have an alarm set but I have been waking up early for years so at this point I wake up naturally.  I have the alarm for peace of mind though!”


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