Cozy Gift Guide

I always love a cozy gift whether it’s for me, my apartment or just relaxing in general. This year, that rings even more true given we are stuck at home. These cozy gifts are super chic, affordable and beyond relaxing. The sweaters are perfect for a friend or your mom. The beauty products are honestly great for anyone on your list. And let’s be honest, everything on this gift guide is perfect for YOU!

Cozy Gift Guide 2020


1. Eucalyptus Bundle: I absolutely love this as a cozy gift because it’s so beautiful and really special. This unique gift is to put in ones shower so when you start it, the steam activates the scent of eucalyptus and it smells like you’re showering in a spa. This option is only $10. This is another great option, as is this one.

2. Two Piece Sweater Set: I personally own this sweater set and it’s one of my favorite items in my closet. It’s super cozy, versatile and really on trend for 2020.

3. Coffee Table Cookbook: I also own this book and it’s the perfect mixture of cozy recipes and decor inspiration. All the photos are beyond gorgeous and the book itself looks so great on a coffee table.

4. Super Soft Throw Blanket: I’m realizing now that majority of the items on this list, I already own! Clearly I’m a big fan of them – especially this throw blanket. I actually have it in three colors as I tend to buy one a year. Not that they need replacing (they actually last a really long time), but I just love them so much that I add one to another room each year. They come in a ton of colors and are under $40 making it such a great gift for anyone on your list.

5. Chill Pills Bath Bombs: Nothing screams relax and get cozy like a literal chill pill! Another perfect gift for anyone on your list, these bath bombs leave your skin super silky and your mind at ease.

6. Ribbed Knit Sweater: This cozy hoodie is at the top of my personal wishlist this year! It looks super luxurious and feels the exact same way. I love the idea of pairing it with these matching sweats.

7. The Hand Cream: This silky hand lotion is honestly such an ideal gift for this year. With all the extra hand washing we’ve been doing, this one really moisturizes and is easy to carry with you in your car, purse and looks really pretty on a counter or nightstand.

8. Apple Cider Candle: I love how this non-toxic candle smells during the holidays! It’s a gift I give year after year as it supports female artisans and matches any decor.

9. Camel Sweater: I love how this neutral sweater will remain a classic in your closer year after year. The material is really soft and it goes with pretty much anything!

10. Soft Plush Slippers: This is another item I both own and gift year after year. They are the coziest slippers and have a hard sole so they can be indoor/outdoor. They are also only $23!


  1. Alyssa says

    So many cozy choices! Thank you for doing my holiday shopping for me. You made it easy and i know everyone will love receiving these gifts!!