Healthy Chunky Monkey Cookie Recipe

Chunky Monkey Cookie Recipe

Y'all are probably already aware that we're MAJOR cookie addicts here at PLSR. We take cookie recipe development, cookie eating, & buying cookies very, very seriously. Luckily you all seem to feel the exact same. You went crazy for Arielle Lorre's healthy cookie recipe, are … [Read more...]

Trainer Megan Roup Tells Us How To Eat & Train Like A VS Angel

Cream Cheese Vegan Avocado Toast Recipe

What the heck is in the water the Victoria’s Secret models are drinking?! Seriously, we’ve all wondered how they keep in such great shape, & we’ve all been dying to know their secrets (& give them a try ourselves). Well, here’s one of the biggest ones: Megan Roup. We got … [Read more...]

Model & Reality TV Star Nicole Williams English Shares Her Super Bowl Sunday Recipe

Nicole Williams English House

Super Bowl recipes are notoriously meat-heavy dishes that leave you curled up in a food coma long after the game is over. Leave it to model & entrepreneur Nicole Williams English, a vegetarian (leaning towards vegan) for 7 years, to create the most insanely delicious … [Read more...]