Allison Collection

Finding inspiration in day to day life can be challenging, yet once you know what you're looking for, you'll seem to find it everywhere. Find out how one piece of clothing inspired a delicious treat. The minute I laid eyes on this romper from Allison Collection I was sold. The … [Read more...]


Everyone is always so quick to say, "Cleveland has nothing to offer". Myself included... yet this past month while I've been home I've discovered numerous new restaurants & places that are absolutely incredible. b.a. Sweetie's Candy Warehouse is just one of the hidden … [Read more...]

This Week on PLSR

1. There are so many incredibly talented people on Instagram. If you're like me you'll stumble across one & then spend the rest of your afternoon going from one account to another seeking out creative & unique individuals. Luckily for me (& now for you too!) one day a … [Read more...]

This Week on PLSR

Not even a cake of herself could cheer up Grumpy Cat...but it certainly did cheer up everyone eating it! 1. H&M announced this week at the Billboard Music Awards via Kendall Jenner & Joan Smalls (because how else would you announce something that major than with two of … [Read more...]