DIY Pumpkin Flower Centerpiece

DIY Halloween Floral Centerpiece

Thanksgiving is all about giving back. What better way to do so than with something you’d do normally–decorate. Flowers For Dreams, a Chicago based flower company, makes it super easy for you to feel good by giving back & look good by decorating your home. Whether you’re having family & friends over or you’re just feeling festive, a seasonal centerpiece is a great way to achieve a fun, fall or holiday decoration. 1/4 of their profits are donated to their local Charity of the Month. What are you waiting for?! Order some stunning flowers, give back to the community, & enjoy yourself a super easy & fun DIY!

DIY Pumpkin Centerpiece

What You’ll Need:

DIY Thanksgiving Pumpkin Centerpiece

pumpkin | scissors | bakers twine | knife | spoon | permanent marker | cinnamon sticks | flowers | table

Flowers For Dreams Thanksgiving

Step 1: Place pumpkin steady on table & draw a pentagon shape around the stem of your pumpkin roughly 2 inches from the center.

Step 2: Carefully cut on the pentagon line until you’re able to remove the center. Scoop out the seeds & flesh until inside is bare.

DIY Fall Floral Centerpiece

Step 3: Arrange flowers into desired bundle. Place flowers inside the center of your pumpkin & trim the ends until they are the desired height. Gently wrap a piece of twine around your bundle of flowers. Place two cinnamon sticks on top of the twine knot & tie a bow around them.

Step 4: Serve with your holiday dinner or favorite cookies. Enjoy!

DIY Floral Thanksgiving Cookie Centerpiece

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Thank you Flowers For Dreams for partnering on this post! xo