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Wine Delivery Chicago

Wine nights are the perfect excuse to get together with friends. The perfect excuse to stay in. To let yourself unwind after a busy day. Wine nights are fantastic. Or at least I think so! Yet the biggest struggle I encounter with wine nights is schlepping the wine, along with groceries (after all, cheese & chocolate are meant to be eaten with a tall glass of Pinot!) home after a long day of work. Making sure the bottles don’t clink together. Carrying the weight of a small child while walking through a winter snow storm. No thank you! Sure, sure I could maybe let that constitute as my workout, even though we both know that’s a copout. Or maybe I could take two trips to the grocery store, even though we both know that’s a huge inconvenience. So when I heard of a new service from a company called WineSimple I was intrigued to learn more. Drinking the wine is easy, so could WineSimple actually cure my first world pains? I needed to know more!

Wine Delivery Chicago

After taking a brief tasting quiz (only 8 quick questions!) I was instantly paired up with my wines. My “taste profile” as WineSimple calls it, allowed me to discover what exactly it was about different wines that I liked. From there I simply entered in my shipping information & a few days later 3 bottles of wine showed up at my doorstep. I chuckled at the thought of myself trying to carry three bottles of wine without breaking or struggling (hey I’m a HUGE klutz) & loved the convenience of this service already. Enough wine to last for a big dinner party or weeks with a few friends, I was instantly sold! After tasting the three wines I was paired with: Casas del Bosque Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon, La Posta Tinto Red Blend (such a cool bottle), & Del Rio Vineyards Chardonnay (loved this one) I was shocked to discovered I loved all three. Guess that tasting profile really knows what it’s doing!

Wine Night With WineSimple

Order you WineSimple here! Use promo code: PLSRVIP20 for 20% off your first WineSimple order.

Wine Delivery Chicago

*Please drink responsibly.

**You must be at least 21 years of age to order & consume WineSimple.

***Thank you to WineSimple for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.


    • Caitlin says

      Exactly, Biana!! Make sure to check out WineSimple & use the 20% off code above for your first order! xo

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