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Kristin Cavallari recently confessed to us that her two favorite restaurants in downtown Chicago are Siena Tavern & Bar Siena. Luckily for you, we checked them out to see what all the hype was about. We’re here to report the hype is real, folks. Incredible food, trendy yet comfortable atmospheres, staff that feels more like your friend, & awesome patio scenes.

Bar Siena, the sequel to Siena Tavern, are headed up by one of Chicago’s top restaurant groups: Dineamic Group. The two story Bar Siena, complete with a wrap-around patio, is the vision owners initially had for Siena Tavern. Located in Chicago’s West Loop, an area known for unbelievable restaurants, Bar Siena stands out amongst the crowd for all it has to offer.

Bar Siena Chicago

For starters we got the Burrata Wedge which consists of heirloom cherry tomatoes, crispy spicy pork coppa, pickled red onion, & crostini. The light lettuce & cheese balance perfectly with the pork coppa & crostini making this the perfect salad for year-round.

Best Drinks In West Loop

Since patio season is in full swing now, we couldn’t help but check out some of Bar Siena’s drinks options. The #5, has summer written all over it. Made with botanist, lavender honey, 5 apparel, lillet rose, lemon, thyme, & tonic, it’s ideal for a fun night sitting on the patio.

Mac And Cheese Bar Siena

While this next dish is a bit on the heavier side, it’s a must at Bar Siena. Actually, any of their pastas are a must. Fresh pasta made in house, this Duck Mac n’ Cheese is filled with foie gras cream, swiss chard, wild mushroom, & montamore. This dish could easily feed two but selfishly we’re glad we didn’t have to share with anyone.

Bar Siena Restaurant Review

Now on to the pizza because who doesn’t love pizza?! Possibly our favorite item at Bar Siena is the Prosciutto Fig Pizza. Topped with spiced pistachio, taleggio, & truffle honey this dish is the perfect combination of sweet & salty. Plus it is served on a dish bearing a Drake quote which pokes fun at the fact that once you get to the last slice, the slogan is revealed & unfortunately for you, the pizza is all gone.

Best Drinks In Chicago

Time for another drink! This one, the #7, made with don julio, white grape, 7 green tea, lime, grapefruit bitters, tonic, & basil is beyond refreshing after a long day of walking around the West Loop…or after eating yourself into a food coma…

Chicago Food Review Bar Siena

 Last but certainly not least, our favorite part of every meal, dessert! Served both on the menu & in an attached bakery are their freshly made Bombolini. An Italian hole-less donut, these Bombolini’s come in a variety of flavors. Our favorites? Mixed berry & vanilla bean custard. Although you really can’t go wrong  with any of them. Enjoy them with a cup of espresso on the patio or stop by & grab a box on your way out at their walk-up window called BomboBar. Did we mention they homemade gelato, orange creamsicles, & a Nutella calzone…

Make sure to check out Bar Siena at: 832 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60607.

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