Public Lives: Random Acts of Pastel | Secret Recipes: Pink Iced Tea Latte

Random Acts of Pastel

As a recent journalism grad, Alyssa decided to go against the grain of working at an already established magazine& instead created her own online magazine: Random Acts of Pastel. Fast forward 3 years later & RAOP has a massive following accompanied by partnerships with some of the biggest brands (think: Nike, Wildfox Couture, Virgin Mobile) out there. A site filled with recipes, fashion, travel, & more all in pastels of course, we knew we had to snag a recipe from Alyssa while in Toronto, her home base.

Pink Iced Tea Latte Recipe

Alyssa, who works alongside Johanna, her best friend, roommate, & now business partner, has decked out her apartment exactly how you’d imagine: collages, teacups lining the walls, a stocked bar cart, pretty much pastel everything, & not to mention puppies & kittens galore. Aka the RAOP headquarters is our paradise. Outside of her apartment, Alyssa & Johanna enjoy Her Majesty’s Pleasure for cocktails & manicures (ummm both in one place? we’re in!), Kitten & the Bear for tea time & “the best jam you’ve ever tasted”, Miss Thing’s for dinner & drinks, CONVEY for all their wardrobe needs, & of course what list is complete with a sweet spot: Seven Lives Paleteria for ice cream!

Pink Iced Tea Latte Random Acts of Pastel

You can imagine our delight when Alyssa mentioned she would be making a Pink Iced Tea Latte for us. We were even more excited when we realized how easy & delicious the recipe truly was! While Johanna & Alyssa joke that they only ever eat finger food for dinner since they’re constantly at events for work at night, when they do get a chance to hang in the kitchen they love making Mexican Fiesta Bowls. As for dessert, their go-to’s are a Loaded Milkshake & Kitten and the Bear seasonal jams drizzled on pretty much anything & everything.

Pink Iced Tea Latte

Random Acts of Pastel Pink Iced Tea Latte

Random Acts of Pastel Recipe

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Random Acts of Pastel Interview

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Public Lives: Random Acts of Pastel | Secret Recipes: Pink Iced Tea Latte
Recipe type: Drinks
  • For the Ice Cubes:
  • 4-15 teaspoons Toasty Almond herbal tea
  • 4oz boiling water
  • Coconut creamer
  • For the Latte:
  • 4-5 teaspoons Toasty Almond herbal tea
  • 6 oz boiling water
  • Sugar
  • 6oz Vanilla Soy Milk
  1. Pour coconut creamer into ice cube tray so each cube is ⅓ full. Freeze completely.
  2. Steep the ice cube tea for 5-10 minutes in boiling water. Let cool completely. Add to ice cube tray so cubes are now ⅔ full. Freeze completely.
  3. Fill ice cube tray with remaining coconut creamer until they are full. Freeze completely.
  4. Steep the latte tea for 5-10 minutes in boiling water or overnight in the fridge. Dissolve sugar into the warm tea concentrate.
  5. Fill a 12 oz. glass to the top with your layered ice cubes. Pour in 6 oz. of cold Vanilla Soy Milk, & top it off with your tea concentrate. Serve & enjoy!
ice cube tray
measuring cup
tea steeper
12 oz glasses

Interview Recipe with Random Acts of Pastel


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      Thanks so much, Victoria!! The lovely lady pictured is Alyssa of Random Acts of Pastel! Her recipe too 🙂 enjoy! xo