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Bake Shoppe Toronto

Before visiting Toronto we did quite a bit of research on where to visit. While in the past we may have used the internet & friends recommendations for a trip, this time we turned strictly to Instagram. While that may sound risky as we were completely judging books based on their covers, it ended up being the perfect tool & completely successful. One of the accounts we stumbled across & immediately fell in love with was that of Bake Shoppe. What started out as a wedding cake shop evolved into a charming bakery filled with incredibly unique & deliciously tasty treats.

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The first treat we tried was the potato chip marshmallow square. We were immediately drawn to this dessert as we’re huge salty & sweet fans. While baking or cooking with chips tends to lead to a soggy product, this one completely avoided that & left you with a creamy marshmallow square filled with crunchy chips.

Bake Shop Toronto

Next up was the s’mores bar. This aesthetically pleasing treat was equally as enjoyable to eat. Upon ordering this bar, the staff takes them in the back to heat it up especially for you. Coming in flavors such as bourbon & peanut butter, this is one treat you cannot pass up!

Pop Tart Ice Cream Sandwich

As pop-tart fanatics, we weren’t surprised that this pop-tart ice cream sandwich was our absolute favorite treat at Bake Shoppe. The pop-tarts were filled with local jam from Kitten & The Bear (you can purchase the jam in their shop as well) & the freshness was evident. Paired with their strawberry ice cream, this treat was a match made in heaven with the extreme heat that Toronto faces in the summertime.

Toronto Bakery

Other favorites were the caramel bar (seriously melts in your mouth!), the Nutella stuffed cookie, & of course the rapper cookies which feature rappers faces such as Kanye & Drake on a cookie! Aside from the incredibly tasty treats at Bake Shoppe they also do custom orders for cakes & parties. The decor is a ‘grammers heaven & you can bet we’ll be back for more on our next Toronto trip!

Rap Cookies Toronto

Bake Shoppe

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Nutella Stuffed Cookies Toronto

Bake Shoppe Pop Tart Ice Cream Sandwich

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Make sure to visit Bake Shoppe at 859 College St., Toronto, ON.

*Food C/O Bake Shoppe.