The Best 5 Better-For-You Chocolate Brands You Need To Know About

Y’all KNOW I cannot go a day without a little bit whole lot of chocolate & I know lots of you feel the same way. I’m all about balance so a little indulgence here & there is totally ok in my book. However after moving to LA I quickly realized there were so many chocolate brands out there that not only tasted great but were also much better-for-you than the stuff from our childhoods. I’ve rounded up my 5 favorite brands below that are loaded with incredible flavor, nutritious ingredients, & will totally satisfy those chocolate cravings.

Hu Kitchen Chocolate Bar Review

Hu Kitchen: This is my favorite healthier chocolate bar on the market. The mint one is seriously the best. thing. ever. Plus they’re awesome to bake with. Oh & did I mention the bars are 70% stone ground dark chocolate, organic, & fair trade cacao. You see why I’m obsessed?

UNREAL Snacks: I’m seriously convinced that whoever created this line of chocolates did it for me. Seriously though their peanut butter & almond butter cups are individually wrapped in a large bag so that it’s a teensy bit harder to eat it all in one sitting. Plus they come in a variety of flavors so no matter what type of chocolate you’re craving, you can have it. BRB going to grab a handful of their dark chocolate crispy quinoa gems…

Eating Evolved: First let’s start with the Eating Evolved coconut butter cups. These are unlike anything I’ve ever had before & I’m totally hooked. With flavors such as caramel sea salt, coconut butter, mint, & more you’re definitely going to want to snag these asap. PLUS they make jars of their coconut butter which also come in a variety of flavors & are the perfect spoon-to-jar treat. Last but not least their ingredient lists are super simple & short which is a must for me!

Sakara Chocolate Review

Sakara: As if my love for Sakara wasn’t obvious enough, I recently tried their line of chocolates & oh boy am I obsessed. From chocolate probiotics (these have seriously helped my stomach so much) to their beauty chocolates, these are truly the definition of “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” (Hippocrates) P.S. you can get 15% off with code REF_PLSR15

Addictive Wellness Chocolate Review

Addictive Wellness: I’m guilting of throwing some chocolate in my bag for a little pick-me-up when needed & I always make sure I have some of these Addictive Wellness bites on me. They’re incredibly thick, solid chocolate allows for the product to not melt like a normal thin chocolate might do in even the slightest bit of heat making them the perfect on-the-go snack. Plus, they have different varieties for whatever you may be needing at the moment: energy, love, tranquility, beauty, recharge, & more.