The 5 Best Donuts In Los Angeles

The 5 Best Donuts In Los Angeles

In another installment of “twist our arm, we’ll round up the best desserts in LA for you…” we’re breaking down who has the best donuts in all of Los Angeles & what you need to order from each.

1. California Donuts: Aside from the fact that they make the most Instagram-able donuts (we’re talkin’ unicorn donuts & alphabet donuts to spell out whatever you want) in all of LA, maybe even the world, the taste of these donuts is exactly what you remember from your childhood. Fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth, big bites of heaven are truly the only way to describe these picture (& taste) perfect treats.

2. fōnuts: Don’t knock this stereotypical LA donut joint until you try it. With an emphasis on vegan, gluten-free, & all around better-for-you donuts, fōnuts is on the list for a reason. They allow you to indulge & satisfy your sweet tooth entirely without your dentist wanting to hurt you. Trust us, this is one spot you definitely need to check out for a true LA  experience.

3. Astro Doughnuts: Anywhere that serves a combination of donuts & fried chicken is a top contender in our book. Also not to miss are their kimchi cole slaw & cheddar biscuit. Point is, come hungry & take some to go because you’re going to want to order the entire menu.

4. Trejo’s Donuts: Guys. They have a freakin’ nacho donut. What could be more iconic than that? With over 15 options to choose from, Trejo’s is equally as legendary as it’s founder, actor Danny Trejo (ya know, the guy from Spy Kids & Breaking Bad).

5. Sidecar Doughnuts: If you’re looking to really treat yo’self, Sidecar is the place to go. Great atmosphere mixed with incredible donuts, this is the type of place you post up at for a few hours to get some work done, eat one multiple donuts, & feel terrific about doing it all.


the 5 best donuts in los angeles