Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Shares Her Secret To A Healthy & Happy Life

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy recipe

There is not one positive trait that Lauren Scruggs Kennedy doesn’t possess. She is kind, smart, generous, knowledgeable, funny, stunning—the list goes on. However, there is one trait that fits her so well that it just can’t be left out: willing. Lauren was not only willing to invite us into her home to share her secret recipe, but she was also willing to share pretty much every detail of life. She shared her knowledge on health & wellness, her stories about getting out of bed and running to Salt & Straw for ice cream at 10pm (because balance is key), her secrets to stunning skin through health foods—see what we mean? She’s the type of person you instantly want to be your best friend, the type of best friend willing to let you in on everything going on in her life. And whether in her interview with us or on her website that bears her name, that’s exactly what she does.

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Fig Ball Recipe

In sharing her secret recipe, Lauren shows that she clearly knows what she’s talking about when it comes to making healthy food taste good. The coconut flakes provide fiber & iron, the almonds are rich in healthy fats & proteins, & the figs are an excellent source of calcium & magnesium as well as tons of antioxidants & vitamins. All of this leaves you feeling full, energized, & wards off the desire to indulge in something a little less healthy, even though we all have to do that now & then. “Eat pizza every once in a while,” she says. “Eat pasta or ice cream from Salt & Straw. Don’t deprive yourself of everything, just have a good balance & learn to listen to your body. Be knowledgeable about what you’re putting into your body & how it’s influencing your system.” Lauren mentioned that this recipe came about when she & her mother-in-law tried making granola but blended it for too long. Instead of throwing it all out and starting over, they decided to try rolling it into a ball. “We were like, ‘Oh my goodness!” she says. “‘We literally can’t stop eating them!’” Now that’s a willingness to improvise!

In The Kitchen wtih Lauren Scruggs Kennedy

For Lauren, learning about health & her body has been a lifelong quest. Throughout high school and college, she started noticing her chronically bloated stomach, which took a toll on her mental & physical health. Soon after college, Lauren was in an accident involving an airplane that cost her an eye & her left hand. “It really shifted everything health-wise for me,” she says. The medications she was given following the accident left her feeling more bloated than ever, and simply stopping taking them didn’t help. After years of doctor visits, research, holistic medicine, & anything else she could think of, she was surprised to find her answer in something as simple as celery juice. “It binds to bacteria, fungus, & toxins & removes them,” she says. “It restores the good bacteria in your stomach so you can digest food.” She learned that 80% of the body’s energy is used in digestion, so if you’re having trouble with that, chances are you’re going to feel run-down. Having started to see & feel results in just three days of starting celery juice, Lauren now starts each day with an entire bunch of celery in her juicer.

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Secret Recipe

As a serial entrepreneur & a passionate creative, Lauren is willing to put in the hard work so others don’t have to. When she sees something missing, she makes it. Ironically, the two things that caused Lauren so much pain in her life, bloating & an airplane, have come back in positive ways. She currently creating a wellness box that shares a step-by-step program to help people clean up their lifestyles through food, products, & practices, giving others the tools to find healthy balances for themselves. She’s also in the process of creating better-for-you “clean” wipes alongside her husband, Jason Kennedy. “It’s so funny,” she says. “Jason posted me [on Instagram] cleaning off airplane seats one time with a wipe & it has become this big thing.”

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Healthy Recipe

Whether it’s a new product idea, secret recipe, or something else entirely, Lauren always has big things in mind, & we just can’t wait to see what’s next. She’s a fascinating, imaginative person who is always willing to share her time, stories, & knowledge. It’s exactly why we said everyone wants—no needs!—her for a best friend.

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Fig Balls
Prep time
Total time
  1. Cut stems off figs. Place figs, almonds, & coconut flakes into blender. Blend until smooth.
  2. Roll into bite sized balls, serve, & enjoy!

Favorite restaurants in LA?

Cafe Gratitude, Wally’s, Sage Bistro, Croft Alley, & Palette

Favorite part about this recipe?

“I like these [fig balls] for a sweet snack. They’re kind of addicting, too. They’re such a good texture. I always put them in the fridge—they’re so good cold. Boys love ‘em!”

What’s on your grocery list?

Wild caught tuna cans, Siete tortillas & chips, figs, almonds, coconut flakes, avocados, lemons, dinosaur kale, mixed veggies, beets, cilantro, basil, dill, almond milk (Three Trees or Malk Organics brands), & Fermenting Fairy Kefir.

Favorite people to follow?

Eat Dirt by Dr. Axe is maybe my favorite book. I follow Geri Hirsch, she focuses a lot on wellness too & she’s great. Dr. Cole is great, too.”

Tip for starting to achieve a healthy lifestyle?

“Just be patient with yourself. It’s a process. You don’t have to be perfect.”

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