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The Best Simple Margarita Recipe

Finding time for yourself throughout the day is not easy, especially when you are both an entrepreneur & a parent. Chelsea & Jamie of the breathtaking stationary line Sugar Paper have found their saving grace in letting go of the thought of ever having a routine. Their days start when their kids’ days start, which is hectic in itself, so that’s why Jamie takes the time to sneak in a Goop Exfoliating Facial in a Jar, which she bought for herself while buying one for Chelsea’s birthday because “it feels like Gwyneth believes in it…” so it must be good, right? (Editor’s note: we tried it, we loved it, we’re telling you you need to buy it.) It’s her 3 minutes of bliss followed by an exciting & chaotic day ahead, managing her kids & her business. “We’re in meetings all day long, so I feel like we don’t have a lot of time to do the work we want to do,” Chelsea says. She admits they’ve never taken on investors, & that between the two of them, they are CEO, CFO, CMO, CCO, & more, always playing catch-up on emails. It might be a busy life, but they’ve loved it all & enjoyed some amazing successes. They’ll soon be launching their third storefront in the Marin Country Mart just outside of San Francisco, & they were even sought out by Target to create a line that’s been renewed for numerous seasons. “Thousands, maybe millions of letters have left our stores & gone out to people, someone saying I love you to another,” they say. “We’re just so happy to be putting goodness into the world.” A loving message sent in a lovely way? No wonder the future is so bright for Chelsea, Jaime & Sugar Paper. Besides continuing creating their best-selling products & personal favorites—like the Crisp White Linen candle & Bespoke stationary—they’ve also recently launched a line of wallpaper & are hoping to dive into other areas like fine China & other kitchen wares. They even note ideas for potential collaborations (Gwyneth from Goop comes to mind…). No matter what it is they do, you’ll always recognize their clean, white branding that’s so sweet & warm & reminds you of everything they’re trying to do.

Sugar Paper Founder Interview

Learn more about who inspires & what tools Chelsea & Jamie have used to grow Sugar Paper below:

Sugar Paper Founders Interview

Favorite restaurants?
Farmshop is our go-to breakfast meeting spot. If you ever go into a Farmshop around 9 a.m., it’s amazing who is sitting in there. It will be like Steven Spielberg is having a meeting with so & so, & you’re like, this town is happening in this restaurant!

Favorite on-the-go meal or takeout?
We’re kind of nutty about Sweetgreen right now. It’s because the app lets you save your order so it’s efficient & then you can just run in & get it.

With Target I was like, ‘Wow, people are unwrapping these presents & inside is Sugar Paper, Sugar Paper, Sugar Paper! We’re part of Christmas morning in millions of homes.’ It’s crazy! It started with a letterpress & two girls that were looking for a job.

Best resources for entrepreneurs?
E-Myth (book), Second Life Podcast, & friends/fellow entrepreneurs such as Ellen of Hedley & Bennett, whom they mark as a peer, or Jeni of Jeni’s Ice Cream & Alli Webb of DryBar whom with 30 & 120 stores, respectively, they view as role models.

The Best Margarita Recipe

Sugar Paper's Spicy Margarita Reicpe
Prep time
Total time
Recipe type: Drinks
Serves: 1 drink
  • 1 tsp ginger, diced
  • ½ tsp jalapeno, diced
  • 1 shot tequila
  • 1 shot cointreau
  • 2 shots lime juice
  • 1 shot simple syrup
  • ice
  • optional: pinch of cumin
  1. In shaker, muddle diced jalapeno & ginger. Add in tequila, cointreau, 1 shot of the lime juice, simple syrup & optional pinch of cumin. Shake well.
  2. Pour sugar onto plate & the additional shot of lime juice into a bowl. Dip the rim of your serving glass into the lime juice & then immediately into the sugar plate to coat the rim.
  3. Pour ice into your glass & pour shaken drink into glass while straining it. Serve & enjoy!
shot glass
measuring cup
serving glasses

Easy Margarita Recipe



Sugar Paper Interview

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**Images via Shannan Leigh for Public Lives, Secret Recipes.