Ella McFadin’s Grain Bowl Recipe

Before choosing a restaurant to eat at we used to just ask, what type of food is it? Now-a-days between the pandemic and everyone wanting food to be Instagrammable, there are a million other questions we ask before deciding on a spot. Is there outdoor dining? What’s the vibe of the spot? Is it good for groups or better for date night? The list goes on and on. In NYC in particular, with tens of thousands of spots to try, these questions are essential to making sure you choose the perfect spot to enjoy.

Ella McFadin, influencer and entrepreneur, is making your life a whole lot easier thanks to her new site, Art of Foods. The site is your one stop shop for where to eat and what to order in NYC. Being an influencer herself, Ella knows what makes a restaurant worthy when it comes to the look and feel of a place. Yet being a foodie, she knows good food and exactly how to order. Broken down into 15 categories including: drinks, vegan, sushi, sweets, rooftops & more, Art of Foods gets specific with photos and descriptions of how to really take dining at these spots to the next level.

Check out our interview with Ella below to learn more about Art of Foods, her morning routine, her secret recipe which will quickly become your go-to lunch & so much more!

In The Kitchen with Ella Rose

What is your favorite recipe?
“I am totally obsessed with Grain Bowls. They are my go-to for any meal and are so easy to change up based on what you’re feeling/ have in the kitchen. This is how I do it: (note: I’m not giving exact measurements because I usually make a big bowl and save some for later or the next day)”

Ella McFadin’s Secret Grain Bowl Recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Main
Serves: 2 servings
  • base: quinoa, rice, or cous cous
  • green: kale, arugula or mixed green
  • optional add-ins: sweet potato, cherry tomatoes, avocado, protein, olive oil, lemon
  1. Start with a base: quinoa, rice, or cous cous are what I gravitate to.
  2. Pick a green: kale, arugula or a mixed green are what I add but it can really be whatever you like.
  3. Optional add ins: I love sweet potato so I cook small pieces in the air fryer (12 min at 400 with olive oil, s+p). I always add cherry tomatoes and if I have a ripe avocado I top with some cubes/slices!
  4. Add a protein: If I'm cooking dinner with my boyfriend we usually add grilled chicken, but if it's for myself I typically do chickpeas (they're my favorite) and if I make a bowl for breakfast I add a fried egg!
  5. Dressing: Olive oil and a big squeeze of lemon!
air fryer
measuring cup

What are 5 pantry, fridge & freezer essentials?
PANTRY: CBD coffee, Moody Girl Chocolate (for my sweet tooth), hot sauce (anything really spicy), red pepper flakes (did I mention I like spice?), chickpeas
FRIDGE: oat milk, Sweet Reason (when I crave something bubbly in the afternoon), cherry tomatoes, hummus (I only eat Majestic Sprouted brand, it changed my life), orange wine (for long days, ha!)
FREEZER: different sized ice cubes (this brings me joy for ice coffee/cocktails lol), white/brown rice or quinoa packs from Trader Joe’s (so easy when I am in a rush), jade roller (put a face mask on and try this, thank me later)

What are your favorite restaurants?
“Read through Art of Foods to see what I love!”

What does your morning routine look like?
“I wake up and make coffee (if my boyfriend hasn’t already), then I typically wash my face and get some work done at my computer or ship out orders from my small businesses. I like to do this right when I wake up because I am most productive at this time. Once I feel accomplished at my computer, I get ready and either make lunch for my boyfriend and I, clean the apartment, do chores/errands, or shoot content for upcoming projects! In the evening, if I’m not cooking at home, I love going out for drinks or dinner with friends or my younger sister and trying out new spots in NYC to add to my restaurant guide, Art of Foods. I also love walking through Tompkins or bringing a blanket and chilling in the grass with some wine and snacks.”

What are 3-5 kitchen essentials?
Our Place Pan: it changed my life and you don’t need any other pan. It cooks everything from pasta to sauté to steaming and comes with a steamer and spatula. Everything washes off of it in one rinse and it comes in beautiful ceramic colors.
Open Shelving: this is so important for making my small kitchen more aesthetically pleasing and showcasing my cute flatware.
Ceramic Plates/Bowls: I got mine from Still House NYC. It makes eating more enjoyable!
Chemex Pour Over for drip coffee.
These glasses are the cutest for ice coffee/cold beers/cocktails.


What is your morning routine?
“Coffee, coffee, coffee. I use a Chemex Pour Over for coffee and make a lot so I can put it in the fridge for iced coffee in the afternoon. I always make my bed first thing. I can’t get anything accomplished in a messy place. I brush my hair and wash my face with Youth To The People Kale Superfood Cleanser then moisturize with the Drunk Elephant Protini! Then I turn on some music from my boyfriend’s Spotify playlist ‘Afternoon delight’ on our TV, then light a candle to set the mood for a perfect work space. Then I open up my iPad and get going for a couple hours before getting really ready for the day. This is a new routine for me with quarantine, but it works and I like it!”

What are your favorite quarantine workouts?
“Running or walking outside. I was really into running at the beginning of quarantine. Now I have been doing more IGTV and Youtube workouts that are quick! I love Kit Keenan’s workouts on her Instagram. She’s also a friend of mine!”

What are a few of your favorite podcasts, books, or IG accounts to follow?
“I like following my friends’ (who are also content creators) mostly because they make me proud! @lucymcfadin @emilyroseklein @DelaneyChilds @brit_harvey

Tell us more about Art of Foods!
“I created Art of Foods because I got so many questions weekly from followers asking me where they should dine in NYC, some were visiting, and some were NYC natives! I had highlights on my page but they were excessive – I was up to 4 highlights for food because I kept running out of space, and it was hard for people to tap through them all. People looked to me for food recs because it was obvious that I enjoyed dining out in the city and was always trying out new places! I wanted to create the website not only for others to view my food recs but for myself too. It’s a much easier way to navigate all the places I have been and love! Sometimes I even forget where I have been and need a reminder on where I should go back to! Right now, I would like to keep updating the website and trying new places as well as shipping out tote orders! I am also working on an interactive map for the website to make it easier to filter by neighborhood and location!”

If you could spend the day in the kitchen with one person who would it be? What would you make?
“Probably my best friend Emily! She’s a health and wellness creator and makes the best dishes that are nutrient dense, tasty and colorful! Check out her stuff here.”


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