Laced Up

LA Fashion Blogger Wears New Abercrombie And Fitch Lace Up Sweatshirt

We know, we know, risky move wearing a Dodger's hat during last week's LA trip...But come on! We couldn't help but fall for all the pastel colors it comes in! Anyways, we've been living in this lace up sweatshirt lately. It's SO cozy & the absolute perfect fit. Best part … [Read more...]

3 Mall Brands That Are Making A Comeback

Mall Brans That Are Cool Again - PacSun

With the internet presence bigger than ever we've entered a world of doing everything from the click of a button. No longer do we leave the house for shopping of any sort: groceries, toiletries, clothing, etc. With online boutiques popping up left & right it seemed we left … [Read more...]