Valentine’s Day Recipe Roundup

Rice Krispie Heart Shaped Recipe

We’ve got tons of recipes for you to bake either for a loved one this Valentine’s Day or to indulge in yourself while you binge on Netflix. Say bye-bye to your two main men, Ben & Jerry, & get creative with the following incredible recipes.

Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes Recipe

Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes: One of our all time favorite recipes for Valentine’s Day comes from our friends at Sequins Are A Girls Best Friend. Check out their feature, here, & snag their super delicious recipe for Chocolate Cherry cupcakes!

Hershey Kisses Sugar Cookies Recipe

Hershey Kisses Sugar Cookies: Because sugar & sprinkles will always make your day.

Corri McFadden Recipe

Heart Pancakes: Our girl, Corri McFadden, shared this super easy & beyond tasty pancake recipe. Surprise your loved one with these in the am or snack on them throughout the day. Either way you’ll be happy you have this recipe.

Conversation Hearts Cake Recipe

Conversation Heart Cakes: Mini cakes? Check. Adorable? Check. Tasty? Double check.

Valentine's Day Ombre Layered Cake Recipe

Ombre Layered Cake: Ombre cakes are much easier than you think. That is, when you have the right tools. Check out what it takes to make this delicious cake!

Raspberry Marshmallow Homemade Delicious Recipe

Raspberry Marshmallows: Enough said.

Rice Krispie Strawberry Recipe

Rice Krispie Strawberries: Move over chocolate covered strawberries. #basic

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