DIY Flower Garland Tutorial

DIY Flower Garland Tutorial

It’s evident by now that we’re huge fans of any floral DIY. Take our DIY floating pool letters or monogram letters, even a DIY peony soap tutorial. Point is, if it involves flowers & a bit of crafting you can count us in. This DIY however is perfect for everyone as it’s one of our simplest yet. Taking only 10 minutes from start to finish, this DIY is perfect for all occasions, especially last minutes ones!

DIY Shabby Chic Garland Tutorial

We chose to stick to a color scheme of flowers for our garland but feel free to use any type or amount that you’d like. You can even incorporate the leaves & stems into the tutorial by tying the twine around those as well. Once completed, you can hang the garland above a fireplace as we did, warp it around a staircase, hang it in a doorway, or hang it from a dessert or gift table at a party. The options of what to do with your garland are endless & if you use fake flowers it will last you quite some time & multiple parties!

Another fun idea for the floral garland is to incorporate cutout letters onto the twine. How cute would flag triangles with the letters spelling out whatever you’d like on them look! We recommend one letter per flag & spacing the flags in between flowers for a clean & stunning look.

DIY Flower Garland

What You’ll Need: scissors | twine | flowers (real or fake) | optional: ruler | tape or nails

Shabby Chic DIY

Step 1: Cut twine to desired size.

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Step 2: Cut flowers including about 1 inch of stem.

Shabby Chic Garland DIY

Step 3: Space flowers apart evenly & then tie twine around stem of flowers. Pull tight & double knot but be careful not to break stem.

DIY Flower Garland

Step 4: Hang garland with either tape or nails.

DIY Flower Garland Shabby Chic

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DIY Flower Garland Tutorial