DIY Peony Bar Soap

DIY Peony Soap Tutorial

  Mother's Day is right around the corner & we've got the perfect DIY gift that's both affordable & thoughtful for you to gift. We're huge fans of homemade gifts as it truly shows the extra effort you put into making that persons day so special. Peony soap is perfect for … [Read more...]

DIY Lavender Bar Soap

How To Make Lavender Bar Soap At Home

The best part about making your own soap is that it's the easiest cleanup you'll have from a DIY. That is because there is absolutely no cleanup from making soap. After all, anything you use to mix or create the soap is essentially being washed while you create it! I'm ashamed to … [Read more...]

DIY Embellished Tie Choker Necklace

DIY We Wore What Choker Necklace Tutorial

Inspired by We Wore What's incredible collection of various choker necklaces we decided to create one ourself. Why wouldn't we just purchase one that she owns? After a little research we discovered the price tags on them range between $60-$500. Just not something we'd pay, … [Read more...]

DIY Flower Letter Tutorial

DIY Flower Letter Tutorial

This has to be one of my favorite DIYs to date. First of all it's completely customizable which makes this the perfect gift. You can match it to a wedding theme, someones home, holidays, etc. It's also relatively inexpensive--the entire DIY cost me $20 (I previously owned a hot … [Read more...]