3 Easy & Delicious Easter Dessert Recipes

With Easter just around the corner we decided to round up 3 of our favorite go-to, super easy desserts: rainbow ganache, bunny cakes, & Easter bark. Enjoy! xo

Pastel Melted Rainbow Drip Cake

  1. We made this pastel rainbow drip cake using the same recipe as our regular rainbow drip cake (although it’s anything but a regular cake!). You can get the delicious funfetti cake recipe via: here. Once you bake the cake in your desired shape (doesn’t need to be a loaf cake) simple mix the separate ganaches according to the recipe link above & drizzle over your cake! Pro Tip: once the ganache has settled, rewarm the top with a blow dryer & use a toothpick to create a fun swirl pattern.Easter Dessert Recipe
  2. These adorable bunny cake jars are actually candle holders! We made more pastel cakes in separate cake pans & then filled the holders with cake. You can always substitute the candle holders for shot glasses or mason jars, depending on the size of your cakes. Get the recipe & more details here: Easter bunny cakes.Easter Bark Recipe
  3. One of the easiest recipes you’ll ever create, this bark recipe tastes as good as it looks! Simply swirl around different colored melted chocolate, top with any Easter goodies you want, & freeze for a few hours. These treats are perfect for a last minute party or to wrap up in goody bags & give out to friends.