What I Eat In A Day + NEW VIDEO!

The Best Oatmeal Recipe

For everyone 5 questions we get asked, at least 1 of them is, “Do you really eat all the stuff you bake for the blog?”. As what started as a dessert blog, we’re constantly in the kitchen recipe testing until we perfect a recipe & can then post in on the site. With the growth of “foodies” on social media & sites, it’s hard to believe people are really eating all they’re posting. So we’ve put together a little vide to show you exactly what we eat in a day. Are we healthy & just tossing all those desserts? Total junk food addicts who could use some kale in their diet? Find out in the video below!

While we don’t mention it in the video, we definitely encourage you to drink the daily recommended amount of water your body needs. A tall, warm glass of water with half of a lemon in the morning is the perfect way to get your day started. It helps us to feel refreshed & stay full longer. Another note to mention is we are by no means registered dietitians or certified to advise on what to eat everyday. This video is purely a peek into what we eat in a day & we hope it serves as a form of inspiration for awesome recipes!

Recipes Used In This Post:

Smoothie Bowl

Sweet Potato Taco

Pop-Tart Mug Cake

Apple Nachos