DIY Chocolate Covered Wine Bottle

DIY Chocolate Covered Wine Bottle

  Last holiday season we received one of the greatest gifts ever, a chocolate covered wine bottle. For us that was the ideal gift: chocolate & wine in one treat; what could get better? Luckily this gift is super easy to recreate & you can bet we'll be gifting it for all … [Read more...]

DIY Floating Pool Flower Letters

DIY Flowers Floating

You may remember awhile back we created DIY Flower Letters that can be hung on walls or displayed standing on their own. This time around, we created DIY Flower Letters that float! Yup, these letters are intended to float in a pool & are the perfect decoration for a pool … [Read more...]

3 Ways To Serve Beverages At A Party

Keep Drinks Cool With Lemon Jar

Over Floral Ice Cubes: Perfect for a wedding, shower, or any outdoor event, this classic & simple floral ice cube display will be your go-to for all parties! Simply fill an ice cube tray (this one makes the perfect size) 1/4 of the way full with water, place an edible flower … [Read more...]

DIY Denim 3 Ways

Pearl Pocket Overalls

This season update the denim in your wardrobe not by buying new pieces but by revamping the ones you already have. These three tutorials are super simple & can each be done in under 10 minutes. From patchwork to beads & overalls to embroidery, there's something for … [Read more...]

How To Throw The Perfect Tea Party

Dessert Tea Party

Hosting a party is a something you either absolutely love or completely despise. The task of putting together enough food, beverages, & decorations all while making sure guests are happy & enjoying the company is quite intimidating. After reading (in one night mind … [Read more...]