How To Throw The Perfect Tea Party

Brunch Tea Party Tutorial

Hosting a party is a something you either absolutely love or completely despise. The task of putting together enough food, beverages, & decorations all while making sure guests are happy & enjoying the company is quite intimidating. After reading (in one night mind you…) Lauren Conrad’s latest book, Celebrate, we took it upon ourselves to host our own party. Since you know our affinity for all things adorable & pastel, a tea party seemed like the perfect party to plan. Below find our DIY decorations, recipes, & tons of tips for hosting one yourself!

Dessert Tea Party

For starters we needed to pick a time to host this tea party. After briefly brainstorming our dream party we know Mini Pop-Tart Cereal had to be on the menu & just like that we decided on a brunch. The great thing about tea parties is you can host them anytime you’d like. Unlike a dinner party that well, has to happen during dinner, tea parties can occur morning, afternoon, or evening!

Mini Pop Tart Cereal

Jumping to the end of our party planning we knew we wanted our guests to leave with something special. As previously mentioned, our Mini Pop-Tart Cereal was on the top of our list so we figured why not let guests enjoy those later on. After whipping up a batch (recipe: here) we placed 5 in a clear sandwich bag (we got the ones without seals), tied the bag closed with a ribbon, attached a paper straw to the bag, & placed them with individual mini milk cartons. This way when guests get home they can throw the milk & pop-tarts in a bowl & enjoy the colorful milk leftover with the cute straw.

How To Throw The Ultimate Tea Party

As for the menu, since it was a tea party we knew there had to be tea! However some of our guests preferred coffee so we made sure to have that as an option as well. We served up a scones & a naked cake (cake for breakfast!), along with some pop-tarts for guests to enjoy during the party (next to the goody bags). The coffees were each adorned with a paper straw & donut on top.Brunch Puns

As suckers for puns we put mini tags next to a few of our treats to let our guests know how we feel about them! Next to the coffee was a sign reading “Thanks A Latte For Celebrating With Me”. The tea had a sign reading, “Let’s Par-tea!” & the cereal favors sign said, “You Are Cereal-sly The Best”.

Brunch Tea Party

Everything was served on a folding picnic table so that the table we ate at wasn’t too crowded. If you have the space, feel free to place it on your dining table but for us this worked out perfectly. Guests enjoyed the treats in a buffet style & we used these super cute paper plates so that cleanup was a breeze.

Event Planning Tea Party

What type of party should we throw next? Comment below what you’d like to see! xo

Dessert Tea Party Planning