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Lavender, Blueberry, & Peony Naked Floral Cake Recipe

Lemon Blueberry Naked Cake Recipe

This floral naked cake recipe is one of our favorites to date. Not only is is absolutely stunning but it tastes like heaven. Layers of vanilla cake & fluffy buttercream topped off with peony petals, sugared blueberries, drizzle of lemon, & fresh lavender, it truly can't … [Read more...]

Candied Blueberry, Lavender, & Rose Petal Pancakes Recipe

Sugared Blueberry Lavender Rose Pancakes

If you haven't tried our pancake recipe yet we highly suggest you do asap. It's the perfect base for any type of pancake: fig & honey, PB&J, donut & is so delicious on it's own. Plus they're super easy to make with only 5 minutes (if that) of prep work & 10 … [Read more...]

How To Throw The Perfect Tea Party

Dessert Tea Party

Hosting a┬áparty is a something you either absolutely love or completely despise. The task of putting together enough food, beverages, & decorations all while making sure guests are happy & enjoying the company is quite intimidating. After reading (in one night mind … [Read more...]