5 Common Themes From Successful Entrepreneurs

Here at PLSR we love to celebrate those who pursue their passions & follow their dreams. Today, on Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, we wanted to celebrate those women entrepreneurs who inspire us by helping YOU, equally as badass female (& male!) entrepreneurs, by sharing a little of these experts’ guidance. We’ve rounded up advice from over 50 of our interviews with female entrepreneurs & took the most common five themes from them all below. Safe to say these are more than just great practices, they’re recipes for success.

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Tip 1: They Go To Bed Early

We’ve all heard the expression “beauty rest” but health & wellness expert, Nurse Jamie, is here to tell us just how true that is, “Oh sleep I think is huge. A thing I tell my clients is the magic hour for beauty & for anti-aging is to be in bed by 11 o’clock.” That means lights out, computer away & phone as far from you as possible. From someone who has worked on everyone from Jessica Alba to Olivia Culpo, we’re for SURE taking this advice. Aside from beauty, getting a full night of sleep allows you to both energetically & creatively reset.

Tip 2: Be Prepared To Work All Hours Of The Day

We get tip 2 might seem to contradict tip 1 a bit but hear us out. When the opportunity allows itself, as evident in tip 1, these entrepreneurs hit the hay quite early. However, they’re not afraid of all-nighters, waking up at the crack of dawn to start emails, or skipping a social event for a productive night at the office. Cydney & Dallas, founders of cult-favorite brand Stone Cold Fox, note that the hustle never dies down, “As we grow, I feel like it takes on a lot more. You have to constantly be evolving, nothing is ever really stagnant. You’re wearing many hats from accounting to design to marketing.”

Tip 3: Follow Up

Personally this tip has made us the most successful in where we are today at PLSR. We recommend waiting 4 business days after having sent an email to follow up with the recipient. A gentle nudge bringing the email to the top of their inbox never hurts. After all, the worst they can say is no & in that case, you can let them know you appreciate the communication & look forward to keeping in touch. The latter allowing you to once again follow up in about 4-6 months.

Tip 4: Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help:

There’s a common misconception that asking your parents for help in starting a business or for a loan is something to be looked down upon on. However, if you ask some of the most successful entrepreneurs they’d argue the exact opposite. Nicole, founder of BeachRiot, turned to her dad when she wanted to start her company knowing he had the knowledge & experience to assist her. As one of the most popular millennial brands, they’re proof asking for help can help immensely, whether that’s a friend, family member, or trusted mentor. Susan Feldman, founder of One Kings Lane, said it best, “Ignorance is bliss. You just ask things, beg people to help you, & move as fast as you can.”

Tip 5: You Shouldn’t Know All The Answers Now

The final most common theme amongst these female entrepreneurs was that they were all well aware that they don’t hold all the answers & in this very moment, all the answers might not even exist. Take Parachute founder, Ariel Kaye, for instance. When starting her brand, Ariel was doing everything she had never done before: figuring out how to buy boxes, how to get products from Italy to America without breaking any laws, & trying to get investors to give her the time of day.

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