Peanut Butter & Anything But Jelly

You play with your food but are told it isn't socially acceptable? Well, it is! Find out why: I love a good ol' PBJ as much as the next person. Yet what I love even more is playing with my food. Ever since I was a little kid, I haven't been able to kick the habit which I think … [Read more...]


Everyone is always so quick to say, "Cleveland has nothing to offer". Myself included... yet this past month while I've been home I've discovered numerous new restaurants & places that are absolutely incredible. b.a. Sweetie's Candy Warehouse is just one of the hidden … [Read more...]

The Best Ice Cream Sandwich EVER

This is it, guys. The BEST ice cream sandwich you'll ever eat. Not to mention the best ice cream sandwich you'll ever lay eyes on. Oh and as if that wasn't enough it is also the easiest ice cream sandwich you'll ever make. Start with a simple chocolate chip cookie recipe & … [Read more...]

Baked Lucky Charm Pancake Recipe

What happens when you bake pancakes? It becomes even more delicious tasting like a sugar cookie with the texture of cake. Add in some Lucky Charm marshmallows & this pancake is golden (pun intended). Baked Lucky Charm Pancake Recipe   Save Print Author: Public … [Read more...]