Where To Eat: Maman

Maman Toronto

While for us Toronto was surely a vacation filled with tons of exploring, delicious meals, & lots of sightseeing, Maman felt like a completely different experience. Upon entering you're instantly relocated to what feels like a Parisian cafe. Fresh pastries line the shelves … [Read more...]

Mini Brownie Cereal Recipe

Mini Brownie Cereal Recipe

In the past we've had Mini Pop-Tart Cereal (the OG), Mini Donut Cereal, & Mini Cinnamon Roll Cereal & now I present to you: Mini Brownie Cereal.  Just one more recipe giving you an excuse to eat desserts all day long. You're welcome! We created this recipe using a … [Read more...]

Public Lives: The Fox & She | Secret Recipes: Scrambled Avocado Toast

The Fox & She Blog Recipe Post

If you started off 2016 as most people do, you gave yourself the resolution goal of eating healthier. Granted you most likely don't come to this site for healthy recipes but with the new year in full swing we called upon one of our favorite bloggers to share a super easy & … [Read more...]