Top Beauty Experts Share Their Must-Have Products


Stephanie Saltzman: As the Beauty Editor for Fashionista, Stephanie is our trusted source for everything makeup, skincare, & more! Seriously, if she’s posted about it with raving reviews, you can find it on our bathroom countertop. We can imagine narrowing it down to just three was tough for Stephanie but luckily for us, she did it. Better yet, she even told us what her #1 product is, Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid, which fights breakouts, smooths fine lines, increases radiance, hydrates & brightens. Not only does she recommend it to everyone, Stephanie also claims she hoards this “like a crazy person & would probably shed actual tears if it ever went out of production.” AKA buy this. Now. As for tools, Stephanie is a big BeautyBlender fan. Who isn’t though, right? “It’s simply the most effective tool for applying & diffusing makeup for a natural, flawless finish,” notes Stephanie. She adds that while the tool itself is incredible, you have to know how to properly use it (“wet it thoroughly, then wring it out & squeeze off excess moisture with a towel before going in with your makeup”) to really make it a game-changer. Stephanie’s final favorite is the Glossier You scent which after using it for the first time, she “finally understood the concept of a signature scent.”

Sarah Gibson Tuttle: Owner of the hottest nail salon in Los Angeles (honestly probably the country…), Olive & June, Sarah is a nail wizard who shared all her knowledge on the topic with us & spilled on which products are actually worth buying. YAY! For starters, Sarah goes old-school with the “OG cuticle oil” CND Solar Oil that is still her favorite & has been for years due to it’s “super hydrating” formula. On the total opposite spectrum, Sarah is a huge fan of Olive & June’s new Nail Art Stickers that launched earlier this year noting that they, “allow me to change my manicure whenever I feel like it!” Rainbow Babe is her current fav but we’re totally crushing on Cherry On Top. Taking the focus off nail care since Sarah cannot live without this & recommends it “to anyone who comes within 300 feet of me,” is Shani Darden’s Retinol that is known to keep people looking younger for years.

Michaela Podolsky: Bloggers are trusted sources for product reviews for a reason: they’re, for the most part, always brutally honest. That’s why we turned to top beauty blogger, Michaela Podolsky, to find out what 3 products she swears by (aka what is now in our cart at Sephora…). True to her infamous selfie with that perfect highlight & a flawless complexion, two of Michaela’s top products include Weleda Skin Food (under $15!) & Farmacy Honeymoon Glow Resurfacing Serum, both known to give that IG worthy glow we all lust after. Wedela Skin Food Michaela applies to “very concentrated, high points” of her face due to it’s thick consistency whereas the Farmacy Serum has ingredients in it that word overnight to give your entire face a “lit-from-within-glow”. Now that you have the most perfect skin ever thanks to MP, get the product we’ve all been searching for, well, for decades now: lipstick that actually stays on all. night. long. Michaela swears by Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick, specifically in the color Beso, for a lightweight formula with rich color.

Christina Zilber: Having built a beauty empire, aka Jouer Cosmetics, we don’t take what Christina suggests lightly. She has created a line to ensure all products have everything she desires in makeup: effortless, comfort, coverage, & timeless beauty. Two of her essentials come from that line, the first being Jouer Essential High Coverage Crème Foundation, which Christina either uses “mixed into moisturizer for light coverage, or one pump all over the face for full glam look.” The versatility of this product is key to Christina in order to save customers money & counter-space. Her other favorite Jouer products is their Sunswept Bronzing Duo in Light to Medium which helps her attain a natural glow “without having to go into the sun”! Aside from her own products, Christina is also a HUGE fan of Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo because it gives her hair “volume, doesn’t leave any weird white powder residue, & smells great.” Clearly Christina gets it & her realistic approach to choosing products saves us all the time & headache of trying to find the best of the best.