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1 Step Mushroom Arugula Parmesan Pasta Recipe

1 Step Mushroom Pasta Recipe

This farmers market pasta recipe can easily be adapted for any season. Since it's currently summer we opted for a lighter yet extremely flavorful mushroom & arugula dish tossed with equally light angel hair pasta. As the seasons change, visit your local farmers market to find … [Read more...]

Healthier Carbonara Squash Pasta With Butternut Squash Cream Sauce, Pancetta, Onion, & Fried Sage

Healthy Carbonara Pasta

Just because sweater season is upon us doesn't mean we have to eat like it. Sure indulging is great but for every single meal? No way josé. That's why we created an alternative for one of our favorite heavier dishes, carbonara. While most carbonara dishes are loaded with heavy … [Read more...]

Public Lives: Lakeshore Lady | Secret Recipes: Fried Egg Pasta Sauce

Basil Fried Egg Pasta

You may wonder how a degree in theater, a love for yoga, & a career in marketing all led Lauren of Lakeshore Lady to start her site. Those three don't necessarily have anything in common, but for Lauren's site it makes total sense. Lakeshore Lady, a lifestyle blog, ties in … [Read more...]