The Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Tequila Infused Candy: Dad will be blown away by this awesome & delicious treat that combines his two favorite things.

2. Sunglasses: What’s better than a classic gift that dad can use all year long. These will instantly become a staple in his life all thanks to you!

3. Sneakers: Plan a fun day of hiking or exploring your town with dad & gift him these top-rated sneakers to make the day more comfortable & stylish for him.

4. Funny Card: Let’s face it, all parents really want is a thoughtful card (although we’re certain they wouldn’t turn any of these other ideas away…) & this one is sure to plant a smile on dad’s face.

5. Watch: Invest in dad with this stunning & classic watch that will instantly up his look.

6. T-Shirt: Up dad’s wardrobe without breaking the bank with this $10 t-shirt that comes in a TON of colors.

7. iPhone Cord: While this may seem like a strange gift idea, something we often forget to gift are practical items. This is something dad uses all day, everyday so why not give him the best of the best.

8. Whiskey Decanter: this sleek giftPersonalized gifts are always appreciated & will look in dad’s office or kitchen.

9. Carry-On Cocktail Kit: A go-to gift of choice over here at PLSR, this awesome mini cocktail kit allows you to make your drink of choice while traveling on a plane.

10. Framed Photo: Whether it’s of his favorite musician, by a special artist, or an incredible photograph like this one of Muhammed Ali, framed artwork is something that lasts a lifetime.

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